HANNIBAL’S NINJA LUGANO, MAY 16th 2020 – Swiss Championship 2020

Ninja OCR races are events where individuals and teams compete on Ninja Warrior style obstacles.
Competitions are held on courses 50 to 150m long with 6 to 12 obstacles, as head-to-head races or timed competitions.

Events have been popularised by the American Ninja Warrior, Ultimate Beastmaster and Sasuke television show competitions in 148 countries.
A billion people worldwide follow these shows.The official international League of Ninja OCR is the Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association.

HANNIBAL’S NINJA OCR – 10 obstacles, 50mt 

Hannibal’s Ninja is the new Hannibal’s Crossing format for 2020 – 10 obstacles within 50m course.
The competition will take place on Saturday, 16th May, in Piazza Rezzonico, Lugano, during the StraLugano event.
The 50m course will be tackled by 2 athletes at a time, directly confronting each other in terms of speed, technique and tenacity.

Rankings will be made based on the time taken by each participant to overcome all of the obstacles.

The awards will go to 3 participants from the female category and to 3 participants from the male category.


CATEGORIES: According to UNAA, there will be 2 categories.

– Pro age 16-39 W/M

– Master age 40+ W/M

The race consists in two phases on the same day:

  1. Qualification based on time
  2. Tournament mode

Phase 1: qualification based on time, contains 2 sessions.
During each session each competitor has only one attempt.

A ranking per gender is establish based on the best attempt of each competitor.

PRO: The first 74 U/D will be qualified for the tournament

MASTER: The first 32 U/D will be qualified for the tournament

Phase 2: qualification ranking will be used for the tournament mode with direct elimination.

(timetable for phase 2 will be provided on site 2 hours before the tournament)



  • Hannibal’s Ninja 50mt Lugano, May 16th 2020 has been selected as Swiss Championship and qualifying race for the WorldOCR 100m race in Sochi

You can find all the official information here: https://worldocr.org/ocr-world-championships