Hannibal’s Crossing 2020 – Obstacle Course Race

    Hannibal’s Crossing Locarno TEAM

    Hannibal’s Crossing 2020, BATTLE OF TREBBIA TEAM RACE

    Never Run Alone! 

    The BATTLE OF TREBBIA Team  will take place in Locarno on the 3rd of May 2020. The trail will be 8km+ long and it will count 25+ obstacles.

    Create your own team, all your need is 3 participants which can be made of 3 men, 3 women or mixed gender as you prefer. 

    RuIes Team Athletes without exception:

    Immediately use the lanes for the first attempt and second attempt if the lane are free

    In case of a second attempt, use only the second attempt lanes

    In case of multiple attempts, use only the second attempt lanes

    If there is a queue, go to the end of the lined and wait for your turn

    It is forbidden to touch the supports of the structure

    Unlimited number of attempts

    In case of forfeit of the non mandatory's obstacles go to the Marshall and have the bracelet cut.

    One of the team runners will be equipped with one or more chips for tracking the running time

    All the athletes must be together all the time with maximum distance of 2 meters between each other

    Team categorie will start in the afternoon as the last batterie. 


    • Before 31.12.2019 CHF 70.-
    • Before 29.02.2020 CHF 85.-
    • Before 30.04.2020 CHF 95.-
    • 02.03/05/2020 CHF 110.-
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